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Newly Elected Officials Course

The Newly Elected Officials Course is held following every local election. It is a one-of-a kind course, unique in Pennsylvania for its scope and content. More than 1,000 individuals have attended the Newly Elected Officials Course in its 30 years of existence, and the course has been distinguished as a recipient of the League of Women Voters Good Government Award.


Congratulations to the Graduates of the 2013-2014 Newly Elected Officials Course!
Local Government Academy recently recognized and congratulated nearly 60 local elected officials from four southwestern Pennsylvania counties on their successful completion of the Newly Elected Officials Couse, the Academy's award-winning program for local elected officials.

A complete list of graduates, and the communities they represent, can be found below. To view photos from the Graduation Dinner & Awards Ceremony, held on March 20, 2014, please click here.

This year's class included a diverse group of elected officials from communities throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. Some highlights of this year's participants:

  • The course was largely bipartisan, with nearly 64 percent Democratic and 36 percent Republican enrollment.
  • The class represented a diverse audience. 40 percent of this year's participants were female and 8 percent were African American. 49 percent of participants were between thirty five and fifty five years of age.
  • Participants were highly educated, with 83 percent having obtained a 2 year degree or higher education.

These newly elected officials have a significant impact on local government in Pennsylvania as they are responsible for combined expenditures of more than $1 billion annually and serve a population of 1,424,994 citizens over 813 square miles of land.

Since November 23, 2013 - just 18 days after being elected to office - this group of elected officials completed more than 40 hours of intensive instruction in 10 sessions, covering a variety of topics relevant to governing at the local level. These individuals have received a base of knowledge that will help prepare them for their term in office. Click here to read more about the Newly Elected Officials Couse.

Fred Amendola
Crafton Borough

Nina Amendola
Crafton Borough

Alexander Andres
Beaver Borough

Ryan Barton
Whitehall Borough

Marguerite Bolton
Braddock Hills Borough

Phil Boyd
Carnegie Borough

Deborah Brown
Braddock Borough

Donald Burgess
Zelienople Borough

Jessica Cardillo
South Fayette Township

Janice Cmar
Jefferson Hills Borough

Kathy Coder
Bellevue Borough

Pat DeBlasio
Bridgeville Borough

Matthew Doebler
Aleppo Township

Stephen Duran
Robinson Township

Cassandra Eccles
O’Hara Township

John Ekiert
East McKeesport Borough

Ron Embaugh
Beaver Borough

Jeff Fabus
ormont Borough

Tom Fetkovich
Economy Borough

Marita Garrett
Wilkinsburg Borough

Kate Grannemann
Wilkinsburg Borough

Julie Grose
Swissvale Borough

Bruce Hezlep
Cranberry Township

Jim Hogg
Franklin Park Borough

Nichole Kauer
Collier Township

Rodger Kendall
Robinson Township

Lee Lasich
City of Clairton

Diane Law
Churchill Borough

Peter Ledwich
Trafford Borough

David Lorenzini
Green Tree Borough

Sue Means
Allegheny County Council

Vencent Menosky
Bellevue Borough

Todd Miller
Crescent Township

Carrie Nolan
Heidelberg Borough

Linda Nolan
East McKeesport Borough

David O’Brien
Crafton Borough

William O’Dell
Etna Borough

William Pascale
Avalon Borough

Robert Pasquantonio
Brentwood Borough


Richard Pattinato
Heidelberg Borough

Lisa Peacock
Fallston Borough

James Perini
Beaver Borough


David Rea
Green Tree Borough


Phillip Ross
Dormont Borough


Mark Schukart
Crescent Township


Gregg Semel
Zelienople Borough

Patrick Shattuck
Wilkinsburg Borough

Steve Silverman
Mt. Lebanon

Patricia Skonieczny
Economy Borough

Nina Sowiski
Forest Hills Borough

Dean Trent
Brentwood Borough

Rex Waller
Upper St. Clair Township

Mark Wells
Wilkins Township

Thomas Whalen
Oakmont Borough

Joseph Wise
Moon Township

Diana Yankes
Churchill Borough

Daniel Zigerelli
Monaca Borough


About the Newly Elected Officials Course
The Newly Elected Officials Course (NEOC) includes informative sessions addressing the complex tasks of running a municipality and prepares newly elected officials to deal with policy matters and the government process, as well as legal and fiscal responsibilities.Those attending the Newly Elected Officials Course find their term of public service to be quite effective. Local Government Academy provides educational programs for local government elected officials, appointed officials, and municipal staff in southwestern Pennsylvania. Among the topics that will be covered include:

  • Understanding the extent and limitations of municipal power
  • Technicques and procedures for running an effective meeting
  • Media and communications
  • Municipal finances
  • Personnel law
  • Public safety and police
  • Infrastructure
  • Planning, zoning and development
  • Intergovernmental relationships
  • Leadership and ethics

Program instructors include experienced leaders from local, county, and state government, professors from area colleges and universities, and specialists from both the public and private sectors. Click here for a list of instructors that will participate in the Newly Elected Officials Course. 

Local Government Academy thanks the following Advocates for Good Government for their support of the 2013-2014 Newly Elected Officials Course:
Allegheny County
Babst Calland
Campbell, Durrant, Beatty, Palombo & Miller, P.C.
Gateway Engineers, Inc.
Law Offices of Wayne D. Gerhold
Janney Capital Markets
Maher Duessel CPAs
Peoples Natural Gas

The Newly Elected Officials Course is offered in partnership with:
Carnegie Mellon University
Community College of Allegheny County
Duquesne University
University of Pittsburgh

Local Government Academy recognizes and thanks the following organizations for their support of the Newly Elected Officials Course:

10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
Allegheny County Library Association
Allegheny League of Municipalities
Beaver County Regional Council of Governments
Butler County Council of Governments
Community Technical Assistance Center
CORO Center for Civic Leadership
CONNECT, Congress of Neighboring Communities
Leage of Women Voters
Mon Valley Initiative
Pennsylvania Center for Women & Politics
Sustainable Pittsburgh


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