About NEOC

The Newly Elected Officials Course is the most comprehensive training program offered to local government officials – it covers the basics, elevates best practices, and builds relationships.

In 1983, Allegheny County established Local Government Academy to help inform and educate local government officials and staff. Since then, our flagship program, the Newly Elected Officials Course, also known as NEOC, has become a trusted resource for training public officials in the practice of good governance. With NEOC as your foundation, you are empowered as a leader on all aspects of governing.

  • Mayor John Burwell, Borough of Homestead
    [The] NEOC course gave us just what we needed to learn the facts, the law, and best practices to navigate government with fewer problems. We formed friendships with people from other municipalities and agencies, who we can call on for advice as well as who can turn to us when collaboration of ideas and services are needed. NEOC? Priceless!
    Mayor John Burwell, Borough of Homestead
    2021-2022 NEOC Graduate
  • Tanya Chaney, New Eagle Borough
    I don’t know how I would be able to serve my community without this experience/education. It would be like sending someone in to perform a surgery without proper schooling. This program should be required of all elected officials, old and new!
    Tanya Chaney, New Eagle Borough
    2019-2020 NEOC Graduate
  • Dante Plutko, Upper St. Clair
    An absolute must for any official.
    Dante Plutko, Upper St. Clair
    2019-2020 NEOC Graduate
  • Paul Klein
    “As a graduate of the Newly Elected Officials Course and now a member of the Board of Directors of Local Government Academy, I strongly recommend that every elected official, regardless of tenure, attend this program. The instructors are highly-qualified and the content unparalleled on the complex aspects of governing that every official must know. Truly, the value of the education is matched only by the wealth of opportunities for building a strong network of fellow public servants from across the region.”
    Paul Klein
    Allegheny County Council, District 11
  • Rebecca Matsco, Potter Township
    "The NEOC exposed me immediately to the wide scope of responsibilities and topics in which local officials must become proficient. Fortunately, it also introduced me to a network of capable, interested people who would support me as I learned."
    Rebecca Matsco, Potter Township
    2009-10 NEOC Graduate
  • Ray Jurewicz, Churchill Borough
    "A commitment to your municipality requires being knowledgeable about issues, challenges, rules, process, and procedures. It is also vital to expand your network of fellow community leaders, managers, and infrastructure support personnel. The Newly Elected Official Course offers an opportunity to become primed and ready to make an effective contribution."
    Ray Jurewicz, Churchill Borough
    2011-12 NEOC Graduate
  • Jason Stein, Munhall Borough
    "The NEOC should be required for any first-time elected official. It is that eye-opening and powerful. I would have been much less prepared for my time in office without that course. The knowledge presented, shared, and gained during the various classes were and are critical to my success. I can't recommend it enough."
    Jason Stein, Munhall Borough
    2015-16 NEOC Graduate

Serving as an Elected Official

A Course for both Newly Elected & Veteran Officials

The Newly Elected Officials Course (NEOC) is a comprehensive program for public officials to build a solid foundation of knowledge essential to effective governing. Focusing on the unique needs of local government, and featuring expert instructors, each session takes a deep dive into subjects such as municipal finance, public sector personnel law, the Public Officials Act, ethical decision making, emergency services, and more.

While unique for its depth of content, NEOC is designed to help incoming elected and appointed officials develop their leadership skills and build important relationships. Peer-to-Peer engagement offers opportunities to grow your network and find mentors from other public service professionals.

Saturday workshop sessions will offer a comfortable learning environment and safe opportunities to network with instructors and municipal resource partners.

Historically, 90 percent of participants have their tuition paid for by their community after they are sworn into office as an investment in good government. Additionally, a limited number of scholarships are available through our Michael P. Lynch Scholarship Fund. Click here to see if your community qualifies.


Registration Options


Registration opens November 8th. Registration fees subject to change. Fees are based on municipal population


Dependent upon capacity, Single Sessions may be offered to allow veteran public officials to attend certain courses.

Public officials employed in professions including attorneys and finance officers will be eligible to apply for continuing education credits.


The Preliminary 2023-2024 NEOC Schedule of Classes

Below is the preliminary schedule of sessions for the 2023-2024 Program. Check back September 2023 for the finalized 2023-2024 NEOC Program.