What's MIP?

Local Government Academy’s Municipal Intern Program connects local governments with enthusiastic undergraduate or graduate students seeking real-world experience working at the grassroots level. Eligible placement sites include municipalities, councils of governments, and municipal authorities in Southwestern Pennsylvania, and Act 47 designated municipalities located in Western Pennsylvania.

The Program provides a reimbursement grant to cover a portion of the intern’s wages. LGA facilitates the match between the placement site and a qualified student interested in one or more of the projects listed below. See the schedule for important dates regarding applications and interviews.


How does it work?

The Municipal Internship Program provides paid internships to graduate and undergraduate students who want to work on real issues facing our communities every day. Internships take place during the summer months, generally beginning in late May or early June and concluding in August.

In a separate application process, local municipalities propose projects they would like to undertake during the internship period. Projects may involve various municipal departments, including planning and zoning, budget and finance, economic development, code enforcement, community outreach, public works, or public safety.

Interns in the program will benefit from:

  • Practical, significant experience in local government
  • The opportunity to test the skills and knowledge gained in the academic setting
  • Experience in interpersonal communication and group dynamics
  • Networking with local government practitioners and other interns
  • Meeting new contacts for possible future employment opportunities
  • The opportunity to learn from others through coaching, supervision, and mentoring
  • Experience gained from bridging the gap between the academic and professional worlds

2023 Interns
Meet the Interns!

  • Claire Dunning
    I learned the value and importance of local government to the public in a way I never really thought of before. I also got to see just how much life can be improved for residents at the local level versus the national level like I have learned in my studies. I enjoyed being able to partake in a project that allowed me to directly help the residents of Dormont.
    Claire Dunning
    Intern for Dormont Borough, 2023
  • Conor Kelley
    I am not sure where to start. Going in with a very blank slate of what local government is being able to expand my knowledge instantly has been so much fun. Seeing all the intricacies of local government going from contracts, legislation, management, budget, HR, and the legal boundaries[;] it is absolutely incredible everything that I learned.
    Conor Kelley
    Intern for Leetsdale Borough, 2023
  • Madelyn Dayton
    This program was not only educational, it was fun! It was wonderful to meet so many smart and hardworking students, as well as the staff of LGA who were all so inspiring, supportive, and kind. Being surrounded by these kinds of people encouraged me to work diligently and learn as much as I could during this experience. I would 100% recommend this program to any student interested in working in local government, as well as students without much knowledge of what local government entails, like me.
    Madelyn Dayton
    Intern for the Allegheny County Department of Parks, 2021
  • Erica Barnes
    The community of fellow interns was a great new resource to have people to network with and relate to. I was able to become closer with interns that attend the same university as me as well as create connections at new universities and academic levels. The placement experience fully enveloped me in doing meaningful, helpful work that gave me experiences to guide my career and academic path.
    Erica Barnes
    Intern for the Steel Rivers Council of Governments, 2021
  • Rohan Lambore
    I would 101% recommend the MIP with LGA to any and every one that is remotely interested in local government. The MIP provides grassroots, personal approaches to every aspect of administration, be it for a COG, Borough, or Township.
    Rohan Lambore
    Intern for Hampton Township, 2021
  • Molly Shepler
    This internship has helped me develop as a future professional, but also as a general citizen who will now always have an understanding of what goes on within government administrative offices and in other facets of government.
    Molly Shepler
    Intern for the Town of Greenville, 2020 & 2021
  • Ethan Woodfill
    The Municipal Intern Program is a very well-organized and co-beneficial program for both interns and municipalities. It always felt like such a low-risk/high-quality internship because of the support from the Local Government Academy. The pay was an added bonus as the pandemic made both the internship and job search difficult.
    Ethan Woodfill
    Intern for Rochester Borough, 2020
  • Gregory Wharton
    Learning all of the ins and outs of public administration definitely helped me with gaining the desired knowledge of local government management. My placement with Reserve provided assistance to all departments within the township and aided residents with information. The Municipal Intern Program is a perfect way to gain professional experience within the field of local government.
    Gregory Wharton
    Intern for the Township of Reserve, 2020
  • Emily Schnarre
    As someone who lives in Alabama for school but Pennsylvania for the summer, I have searched for internships in every single state between here and Alabama and this program is super unique. It allows students to learn about government functions and make an impact in the community they are placed in.
    Emily Schnarre
    Intern for Edgeworth Borough, 2020
  • Samantha Mason
    I think this is a great program for someone interested in government and public service at any level. I think that local government plays such an important role in people's lives that everyone should have knowledge about it, and working within a local government is a great experience to better understand. It is also a great professional program, even someone interested in a field other than public service can get valuable skills from this internship.
    Samantha Mason
    Intern for Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments, 2020
  • Emily Woodard
    Learning about the pervasive problem of blight in Allegheny County was really eye opening for me. I gained an appreciation for the importance of strategic, surgical investments to stabilize neighborhoods and revitalize communities. It is not always the huge redevelopment projects that achieve the biggest impact or best results. Smart, targeted investments in the right places can have a positive ripple effect across the larger region.
    Emily Woodard
    Intern for Steel Rivers Council of Government, 2019

What you need to know


The Municipal Internship Program is open to active undergraduate and graduate students. 



Interns are hired by the placement site and will be compensated at an hourly rate of $12.00 for graduate students and $11.00 for undergraduate students. Any student placed within an Act 47 distressed municipality site will earn $12.00 per hour.



PA DCED Allegheny County Redevelopment Authority of Washington County


Interested students must submit their application and resume online using the "Submit Your Application" button at the bottom of the page. Interns have the opportunity to select up to three projects. Supervisors will contact qualified students for interviews and make their final selection by the date located in the timeline below.

Although successful internships have been completed by students with a wide range of education and experience, the most successful projects have been marked by students who exhibit the following criteria:

  • Superior academic credentials, effective interpersonal skills, and strong writing and computer skills
  • Past work or applicable volunteer experience
  • Interest in or familiarity with local government and community needs such as financial management, planning, computer systems, community engagement, etc.
  • Self-motivation and ability to work well with others



The 2024 Projects

Below is a list of selected projects from local municipalities and government organizations that hosted an intern this year, for full descriptions of each project, click here to download the PDF.